32 Comments on “$130,000.00 Shot (1993) Brian Davis vs Walter Ray Williams Jr.”

  1. That’s hard… life-changing hard. He’ll remember that shot for the rest of his life. He’ll also watch the match numerous times throughout his remaining years, despite what he might tell people. That’s tough.

  2. It’s hard enough to bowl a perfect game. It’s harder to do it on sport conditions. It’s even harder to do it on TV. It’s almost inconceivable when your final shot is the difference between 20K and 130K……I give this guy alot of credit.

    1. Pressure people pressure it will often make yr shot faster n reaction different how many of YOU have EVER had to strike for that much money

  3. Damn, ya just don’t see that very often, especially these days. That is one SWEET mullet!

  4. That crowd was absolutely lit on that last shot. Imagine if he wound have finished the 300. The roof would have blown clean off.

  5. I was fortunate enough to be watching when the very first televised 300 game was bowled. It was bowled by Jack Biondolillo on April Fools day in 1967, no joke.

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