1950s Ten-Pin Champions – Bowling – Dick Weber, Don Carter

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1950s Ten Pin Champions, the history and origins of bowling.

19th century men making bowling pins, old bowling;
people bowling in a modern bowling alley;
head-on shot (POV of pins) of woman;
young boy throws ball, and reaction shot;
shot of bowling team, with Whitey Harris, Dick Weber, Ray Bluth, Pat Patterson, Billy Whelan, Don Carter;
shots of bowlers doing trick shots;
shot of bowling pins with overlaid numbers;
explanation of how to make a strike;
slow motion of bowler throwing ball;
slow motion MS of hook ball making a strike;
slow motion of ball going through numbered pins;
bowler picking up spare;
bowler at table, marking score; center lane spare;
bowlers making splits.

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21 Comments on “1950s Ten-Pin Champions – Bowling – Dick Weber, Don Carter”

  1. My dad took me bowling in the ’50s. We had a Bowling Alley about 1000 feet from our house. There were no gutter bumpers back then so kids had to learn early how to bowl without gutter balls. Notice there is no mention of oil. They still had pin boys back then but the automatic pin spotters came in right then. Most of the balls are black, and I assume hard rubber

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