1973 BPAA US Open – Mike McGrath vs. Earl Anthony, Pt 2

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Here's the conclusion of the championship match of the 1973 US Open between Mike McGrath and Earl Anthony.

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17 Comments on “1973 BPAA US Open – Mike McGrath vs. Earl Anthony, Pt 2”

  1. what a line-up for the finals here……..all hall of famers….much more fun to watch the old time matches than the almost “get it out of your hand get a strike” bowling of today

  2. The US Open and the Showboat – the two tournaments where Earl had many high finishes but couldn’t win.

    I like how Schenkel tells Earl at the end of the telecast that he brings in more viewrs to the telecasts!

  3. Who’s the announcer with Schenkel? I like his style. I loved Earl Anthony growing up and never saw this match. awesome stuff.

  4. It’s Billy Welu, a great bowling announcer who died of a heart attack much too young in 1974.

  5. Love how they presented all the checks to the top finishers. Now we never get to see even the check presentations for the winners. ABC did bowling right.

  6. My buddy and I were there that day. Got to go in before the crowd, met Don Carter and had to go buy Lifesavers for Billy Welu. Obviously a great memory.

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