27 Comments on “1976 PBA AMF Pro Classic – Weber vs. Anthony”

  1. It’s hilarious to see how much bowling has changed from then to now. To think that that was as much hook as anyone on the tour had is simply amazing. With all the advancements in bowling, if you don’t have more curve now you’re likely to end up in the dust!

  2. These are two gods of the sport. As long as there is bowling their greatness will live on. I doubt there will ever be so much talent, class, desire, and guts on a pair of lanes at one time again. This is a priceless video.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Two greats going at it. I am a big fan of both. But I would have to say that Earl in that era was ahead of his time and the best of all time.

    1. things have been declining for decades, its not a good thing to be ahead of their time…common sense 101

  4. Earl was a friggin machine. Same stance, same approach, same arm swing, kept his head level, and same release every single time. It is fun to watch.

    1. +Joe Haynes Great speed control, that is what really made him so much better than the other bowlers.

  5. Even though Earl didn’t strike when he had to on many occasions I still consider him the GOAT. The guy won over 40 titles in half the time it took the others,and he was 2nd over 40 times. That’s consistentcy

  6. I just realized that my approach and delivery is very similar to Earl’s, left handed and everything. Maybe i shoulda kept bowling.

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