21 Comments on “1977 Midas Open – Don Johnson vs. Earl Anthony, pt 2”

  1. The pinsetters aren’t too unusual. They’re AMF 82-30’s. What IS odd tho, is that they have Burnswick ball returns, yet the rest of the centre is AMF. Odd. Nice Video.

  2. The center which I bowl at just recently installed Brunswick 2000 ball returns on a few of our pairs. The rest of our center is AMF!

  3. Those AMF 82-30 pinsetters were an outstanding machine- they’ll run like a clock as long as they get routine TLC, IMO superior to the 82-70s that replaced them. Always got a kick out of their buck-tooth grin too. One of the drawbacks was if someone had a late foul and the machine began cycling- they would totally go bonkers.

    Thank you for uploading this- these two bowlers were exemplary in their day, back when skill was a factor as opposed to how much technology in a ball you could purchase.

  4. With a stepper (non-solid-state) chassis they would get totally out of synchronization and the pinchaser or mechanic would then literally hand-crank the unit until everything was once again in sync. Few things can make me laugh so hard as seeing this happen (as long as I’m not chasing pins)!!!

    It usually took 10-15 minutes before the machine was “zeroed”.

  5. Its apparent that Don Johnson was going for perfect high packed in strikes taking advantage of his super accuracy.

  6. Two of the all-time great bowlers, and both fine gentlemen. They don’t come much better than Don Johnson and Earl Anthony. RIP Earl and Don. You are both sorely missed.

  7. This was the pinnacle of the bowling era. Since this time it is absolutely shameful what the USBC has approved to decimate the sport of gentlemen.

  8. He warmed up by beating Cliff McNealy, then he took out Holman, Roth and the Earls?
    WOW! That’s almost unbelievable and really shows what a great champion the DJ was!

  9.  I would have been 10 years old when this match took place, and my grandparents and parents all bowled so I always watched these bowling events on ABC in the 70’s. And I was not a very good bowler.  I am sure I watched this one, as Earl Anthony was my favorite. He looked very much like my grandpa and had the same temperament. Loved watching these!.

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