31 Comments on “1979 PBA Rolaids Open COMPLETE ABC TELECAST”

  1. Roth sure gave himself a lot of shots at 300 on tv. How many times did he start with the front 9. I’m thinking at least 4 that I’ve seen!

  2. Mark Roth and Marshall Holman have bowled well in the Doubles Tournaments and have bowled some exciting matches

    1. Andrew Phillips
      Mark Roth and Earl Anthony have bowled some exciting matches
      George N. Pappas and Ernie Schlegel have bowled some awesome matches

  3. Back when bowling was still legit. Marshall Holman, never accused of having any class, can be seen as the jerk real bowlers will always remember him as @1:11:31. Great upload!

    1. @Teresa Pflaumer
      Lol, yes but only by longevity. If Holman had stayed as long as PeeWee I’m sure professional bowling and bowling in general would’ve been done ten years earlier.

  4. The opening and closing song is Walter Murphy’s “Midnight Express” from A Fifth of Beethoven album. Same Walter Murphy who did most of the music for Family Guy.

  5. I thought Marshall Holman was gong to kick the foul lane light when he knew his goose was cooked in the championship game! He put his hands to his ears when the fans were clapping for Roth’s win. He didn’t like to lose, was a tough competitor, but could be a bit of a drama queen when he didn’t get his way.

  6. I was playing Monopoly with Marshall Holman, and he landed on my Boardwalk with a hotel on it, so he kicked the game board and all the pieces came off!

  7. surprised to see the names of ray bluth, carmin salvino and other old timers in the top 25 as late as 1979 still on tour
    mark roth was the forerunner of todays high revolution crankers. almost perfect in the game against marshall holman

  8. I’ve not been so entertained by a broadcast in quite a while. The hair. The clothes. The commercials. The fact that people took bowling seriously. This is wildly entertaining. Further, the recording quality is spectacular.

  9. My all time favorite bowler Mark Roth. Looks like he was throwing a Columbia Yellow Dot Bleeder.

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