1980 Long Island Open (Pete Weber’s first TV appearance)

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Highlights of Match 2 of the PBA's 1980 Long Island Open. This tournament is remembered mostly for the thrilling final match between Earl Anthony and Mark Roth. But it's also the tournament in which 17-year-old Pete Weber made his national TV debut, qualifying in the #3 position. Here you see several of Pete's shots from his match with Arnie Goldman. Originally telecast March 15, 1980 from Garden City Bowl, Garden City, NJ. Chris Schenkel on play-by-play. Nelson Burton, Jr. on color.

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24 Comments on “1980 Long Island Open (Pete Weber’s first TV appearance)”

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  2. Yep, that’s the PeeWee I remember. Never thought much of his bowling or him for that matter. Sure turned into a talent, given the nonstop influence of his dad and all dad’s admirers. Your sure right 20alphabet!

  3. just found out today that he’s retiring from the PBA, he’ll still be bowling PBA Regionals and PBA50, but the main league he’s retiring from. Happy Trails Legend!

    1. How time flies. His interview after the match, he says “I can’t throw as hard as these young guys anymore.”

  4. I remember watching this on TV (ABC Sports), Saturday afternoon when i was 10. My dad and i never missed a show. Pete was calm, cool and collected in the early days. The PBA then said that they needed a “bad boy”… Everyone started to trash talk soon after.

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