1981 PBA Rolaids Open – Earl Anthony vs. Tom Baker (Part 1)

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Onto the Championship Match! Here is part 1 between the late great Earl Anthony and Tom Baker!

Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

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24 Comments on “1981 PBA Rolaids Open – Earl Anthony vs. Tom Baker (Part 1)”

  1. First win after the heart attack was at Garden City in 1979, I believe.

    He made a bunch of shows in late 1978 (after he recovered some) and in early 1979, though.

  2. @xxiceWaLLxx Baker is trying to get the right feel in the bowling ball. Bowling is about feel for a lot of the pros.

  3. There are great champions today but no one alive has one tenth the class Early Anthony had. He was The Man.

  4. Glad to see a good Buffalo boy in the finals, but I was still rooting for fellow lefty Anthony.ย  Those were the days.ย  Junior bowling on a Saturday morning, lunch, then the PBA/Wide World of Sports in the afternoon.ย  I’d probably throw in a little session with my model train in the middle.ย  Good times.

  5. Earl Anthony looks like Dana carvey’s impression of George Bush.

    He also kind of looks like the manager of Chotchkie’s in the movie Office Space (Jennifer Aniston’s boss in the movie)

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