19 Comments on “1981 PBA Rolaids Open – Earl Anthony vs. Tom Baker (Part 2)”

  1. In the 8th frame, Earl did pull up and made somewhat of an errant shot, but turned it into a strike. It’s because someone called out before he released the ball and that can disturb the bowler.

  2. Earl’s great forward roll as the ball hits the pins carried that strike in the 8th, a lot of other lefthanders balls would have hooked through the pins and left a split.

  3. I think the converse of your statement is more true: when the breaks go your way, people perceive you as great. Earl could have easily had different, much worse, results in frames 1, 7, and 8, being that the ball went through the face. However, he never left a split, and even struck once to capture a double. Not one of Earl’s better matches, but at least he kept himself in it until the end with spares.

  4. earl was the greatest,,he use to win when other lefties on tour didn’t cash..remember, I believe he made the tv finals in almost 30% of the tournaments he bowled..thanks for posting

  5. When your name is called and you find out you are playing Earl Anthony, the first thought I would have is “AHHH SHHHHIT!”

  6. I could not stand watching Tom Baker bowl. His incessant fidgeting with the finger holes drove me crazy.

  7. That gold Mark X ball was a honey. Too bad they would wrinkle up after a while and chip out at the drills. Always looked like a carmel white dot drilled sideways, sorta. Thanks for the clip.

  8. For some weird reason, I thought it was a cool habit when I watched him do it years ago, but now it’s kind of annoying. He stopped doing it for the most part years later, and I wonder if his game improved as a result.

  9. I love the way that Earl has given himself pep talks through every shot! You can see that this has helped him bowl a great mental game.

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