21 Comments on “1981 PBA Rolaids Open – Mark Roth vs. Earl Anthony (Part 1)”

  1. I can remember my dad calling Earl a hipster-dufuss when he let his hair grow out. He used to have a flattop.

    During his dominant stretch he was a machine. The way he bowled was all about accuracy.

  2. @buyystocks Well a typical cranker definitely, most “crankers” learned to do that to take advantage of house conditions. Doesn’t matter where they throw it as long as it is right and they start left. Against a cranker who is also very very accurate, it is a closer match. The greater accuracy of Earl is matched by the better pin carry of the slightly less accurate cranker.

  3. Mark Roth (POWER) vs Earl Anthony (FINESSE)! I remember watching this with my Father! I hated to see Anthony lose! But he was past his prime! CLASSIC MATCH!!!

    1. Earl was far away from being past his prime. He had a heart attack in 1978 and had to work to get his game back to the way it was but, he came back in 1980 to 1983 and won more. He finally retired in 1987 but, came back to bowl a little in the senior tournaments.

  4. Earl was a six-time Player of the Year Award winner (1974-76 and 1981-83)
    and a five-time George Young High Average Award winner (1973-75, ’80,
    ’83). This tournament was in 1981.

  5. 2 of my all-time favorites. I used to watch ABC on Saturdays all the time in the 80s. Chris Schenkel and Bo Burton were the commentators.

  6. 7:54 so back then, they didn’t roll big hooks? looks like Earl just rolls it straight into the pocket

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