1981 PBA Rolaids Open – Mark Roth vs. Earl Anthony (Part 2)

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Here is part 2 of the semi-final match between Mark Roth and Earl Anthony.

Enjoy 🙂

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14 Comments on “1981 PBA Rolaids Open – Mark Roth vs. Earl Anthony (Part 2)”

  1. Once Earl got a 46 pin lead, it was “Goodnight, Irene”. Just cruise control for the greatest afterwards. Then again, he was always in cruise control.

  2. Earl was the best ever to bowl in the PBA…he still is the best ever…they’re saying Walter is because he accumulated 47 titles, 4 more than Earl, but it took him 30+ years to do it…Earl won 43 in 14 seasons plus the 1984 Masters…who else could perform that feat? Throw in 10 major titles in such a short span, and you have the greatness written all over Earl…

  3. Earl is like the Greg maddux of bowling doesn’t over power you but can control the ball put it where he wants it if he makes a mistake it usually isn’t a bad one a home run or difficult spare !

  4. Was my favorite bowler back in the day, saw him bowl in a couple of tournaments here in town back in the 80’s. So smooth. RIP

  5. i watched him when he was just starting out..wonderful, I bowled for years had a 190 average best years of my life

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