24 Comments on “1981 Showboat – Mark Roth vs. Earl Anthony pt2”

  1. Back then Mark Roth scared the pins into falling. Way before Tin Cup he lived, ate and breathed “GRIP IT AND RIP IT”

  2. The US Embassy in Iran was laid siege in late ’79–hence a TON of American hostages. They were actually freed the day BEFORE they bowled this match–same day Regan was inaugurated. Quite a couple of days…hostages freed, Regan’s the new president, and Mr. Roth Legend beats Earl! lol 😀

  3. You’re absolutely right, sometimes the lane conditions ARE way too forgiving, and don’t necessarily require as much accuracy or consistency as they should. However, bowling is a competitive sport. You don’t compete against the lanes or the balls, you use them to compete against other people who are bowling on the same conditions and with the same equipment that you are. Bowling is more fun with higher scores… If you’re looking to be challenged, bowl SPORT conditions.

  4. We were discussing 300 games and 800 series in general. I agree that tournament shots should be moderately challenging. The bottom line is that a bowler should be prepared to bowl on a condition with 10 boards, 4 boards, or 1 board of room. Everyone in the tournament bowls on the same shot. There’s nothing wrong with improving the equipment; it’s something that every sport undergoes. It’s this simple: go find tournaments with difficult shots if that’s what you want to bowl on.

  5. And keep in mind I don’t mind when a sport progresses in technology. That is inevitable. I like my reactive balls after all.

  6. No, trust me, I certainly understand your point. There was a guy on my high school team last year who had high average in the state because of easy house shots… I’ve been a victim of overly-easy oil patterns as well. However, he was capable of carrying more strikes than I was on those easy shots, so I suppose he earned his average in that regard. On sport shots, I usually come out victorious over him though. It’s just part of the game.

  7. In contrast to Bowler Scott, I believe it is YOU against the bowling lanes. IF you can maintain that mindset, you will win. This of course, is much easier said than done.

  8. I’ve never seen a bowling lane bowl before. I agree that the lanes are the only thing you have to figure out, and if you can do it better than the other bowlers in the tournament, you’ll be victorious. However, you don’t have to bowl against the lanes, you simply bowl on the lanes. Your scores are compared to your opponents. All in all, whoever can bowl the best in the given environment will be the winner, and that starts with knowing how to play the lanes the best way possible.

  9. But I still think that if some cable channel broadcasted the qualifying rounds it would help the PBA build a more tremendous dedicated fan base.

  10. Mark was my favorite bowler when I was a kid. I often got yelled at by trying to duplicate his style.

  11. I love Mark Roth..I spoke with him many times during regionals in the 1970s..great guy big Ranger fan..I hope he’s recovering from his stroke.

    1. I was fortunate enough to cross with Mark Roth in a tournament in 1983. Great guy…..treated me, a perfect stranger, just like a friend. I’ve never forgotten that.

  12. Roth was a BEAST! His ball reaction with the equipment of the time is ridiculous! lol Bowling today definitely owes alot to Roth!

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