1982 ARC Alameda Open – Part 1 – Earl Anthony vs. Dave Soutar

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The date was January 23, 1982 at Mel's Southshore Bowl for the $100,000 ARC ALAMEDA OPEN. We join the championship match where #3 qualifer Dave Soutar meets #1 qualifier Earl Anthony for the title. Soutar was fresh off his 209-198 victory over Ted Hannahs. At stake is $13,000 to the winner, and $7,500 to the runner up. Let's go to Chris Schenkel and Bo Burton for the call.

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20 Comments on “1982 ARC Alameda Open – Part 1 – Earl Anthony vs. Dave Soutar”

  1. Rubber hooks more than plastic for two reasons. Even though rubber balls are commonly referred to as hard rubber they are actually softer than plastic. Even when polished they have a rougher surface than plastic balls. Both these features create more friction and allow them to grip the lane and hook more than plastic.

  2. Loved watching the old shows when bowlers were shot makers with ‘full rollers’ before the days of hooking the poly-balls like Sandy Koufax………such is progress I suppose.

  3. Earl makes one shot and switches balls and is good thereafter.
    “He” made that choice, no running to the back to whine to a team of ball reps begging their help.
    Earl managed his “own” game, he was a true Champion.

  4. I actually met Mr Earl Anthony back in 1984 he came to my hometown that had a bowling alley and our bowling league got the chance to meet him

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