1982 PBA National – Earl Anthony vs. Charlie Tapp, pt1

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The date was Feb. 27, 1982 at the Imperial Lanes in Toledo, Ohio. It's a day that I will never forget watching. Earl Anthony owned the PBA National, and Imperial Lanes. Earl, the defending champion, qualified 1st, and needed to taste victory to become the first PBA player to reach $1 million in career earnings. He was up against my friend, Charlie Tapp, who had qualified 5th, and plowed through Dave Davis, Steve Westberg, and Mike Durbin in order to challenge Earl for the title. It wasn't Tapper's day as Earl was victorious, 233-191, and earned his 5th PBA National, and the $38,000 top prize. Earl would come back in 1983 to defend his title, once again, ending up with 6 PBA National titles. Sit back, and enjoy the final game of the 1982 PBA National.

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  1. I dont like the way Schenkel calls Charlie a “non winner”… Charlie will always be a winner in my book!!

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