1982 PBA National – Earl Anthony vs. Charlie Tapp, pt2

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Enjoy the conclusion of the 1982 PBA National.

Earl's opponent was Charlie Tapp. I asked Charlie if he had any insight into the match..here's what he said:

"The year before I just missed the top 24 and right afterwards I told my roomie Joe Hutchinson "Hutch,I can win this thing next year". So I looked forward to it for an entire season.

Right before the show Hutch and I talked on the phone and he told me, " Charlie, be sure to stay close no matter what, because somewhere along the line Earl will throw one bad and give you a chance".
I thought he threw 2 of them bad, the greek church in the second and the first one in the 10th. That thing was DOA but he got lucky. I really thought I bowled a better game than he did.
Also considering that the ball I used all week somehow turned up missing on Saturday morning. I had to use one I never touched the entire tournament. I spent more time working on that stupid thing than paying attention to what I was doing.
It was a great thrill no matter what. Plus I have to be in the LeRoy Neiman painting somewhere.

I got a smooth $250.00 for wearing the shirt!

I think that was the show that (Dave) Davis asked for a re-rack and told (Tournament Director) Harry Golden he did it just so he could get him on camera.

Speaking of the re-rack, it took 15 seconds to get Harrys attention because he was looking down while opening a piece of candy. He couldn't hear me because he had the head set on and the wrapper crackled like the building was on fire.
What great memories!"

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22 Comments on “1982 PBA National – Earl Anthony vs. Charlie Tapp, pt2”

  1. I believe Nelson now bowls on the Generations Bowling Tour. I think it would be cool if ESPN were to have him on one of their PBA telecasts as a guest analyst and get his view on the sport today.

  2. Thanks for posting this. It is most enjoyable. Walter Ray is now considered the greatest bowler and you have to give him his due, but Earl will always be my favorite. He had a certain intensity and class to go with his almost limitless talent that will never be duplicated.

  3. I like Walter Ray and hope he wins ten more titles before he retires, but the top spot on my list will always be for Earl. Btw, for those who don’t really know bowling’s finer points, a lot of that “luck” Earl made for himself. Rolling the ball slowly, with a lot of rotation, into the outside or light pocket is a good way to stay out of trouble. It’s called a mixer. In the above case, it was no accident.

  4. I agree. Nelson Burton should do some more commentating. He was so good. ABC TV was really good back then. ESPN does a good job but back in the day Burton and Chris Schlenkel were awesome together.

  5. Walter Ray may have won more tournaments, however, Earl did it in fewer tournaments and was bowling’s first Millionaire. Earl’s still Number 1 for my money. He definitely owned the National Open, like Nicklaus did the Masters.

  6. Thanks! I will try to get some news ones up soon. Tapper is actually a great and funny guy. Him and Joe Hutchinson make a great comedy team!

  7. I was kidding about Tapper. You seem to be my age. Do you still bowl? I was a bowling nut from 1979-1988. At one point I was in four leagues and would bowl open Sunday after league. I used to love those broadcasts on the weekends, like during the early ’80s. I bowled at Madison Square Garden in New York but they took out the bowling alley and widened the Felt Forum (concert hall), so I bowled for a year at a different place but didn’t like it…then quit in ’88..those were the days LOL…

  8. Man, these were the best sports broadcasts on the weekend. I miss Bo Burton, and RIP Chris Schenkel. I pretended with my plastic pins that I was Wayne Webb or Mark Roth. I dinged up my parents washer and dryer something fierce.

  9. I remember watching this match when I was 7 years old..My coach use to tell me about Charlie Tapp alot..But I’m a Earl Anthony fan and I will always love the way he bowled

  10. @irishpogi I started there junior league saturday mornings, my first season was the ’79-’80 season then joined my first adult league for the ’84-’85 season. within a couple years I was in 4 leagues…yes it closed in 1988 then I started bowling at this place down near Union Square where a lot of the MSG people went…and some of them went to Leisure Time at the Port Authority…I hated traveling down to 14th st. so I quit in 1989…if you don’t mind, what’s your first name? maybe I know you.

  11. The one thing that I admired about Earl is that he did it in the biggest of tournaments: “The Majors”. Earl has 10 major championships in his career: 6 PBA’s; 2 Tournament of Champions; 2 ABC (now USBC Masters). The next closest is Walter Ray and Mike Aulby have 8 majors and Pete Weber has 7 majors.

  12. I still remember this day and I still get chills watching. The analogy of Earl and Jack Nicklaus are spot on. Two of the all time class acts in sports.

  13. “Earl Anthony was “TOP GUN” in his bowling career, so very smooth in his approach and extremely precise, Imperial Lanes was a challenge for bowlers for sure, but that is why the pros loved that house, plus Toledo is a bowlers town, at least it used to be, I miss the Pro Bowlers Tour”!!!!! πŸŽ³πŸ†πŸ’–

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