1982 Seattle Open Nelson Burton Jr Tip of the Week

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Handley vs. Bellinger Part 1 –

This is the Bo Burton Tip of the Week on how to improve your release and arm swing.


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4 Comments on “1982 Seattle Open Nelson Burton Jr Tip of the Week”

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaah, all the names i grew up with…Cool! I have a whole show where Chris Warren won all four games back in 1992.

  2. I remember these old tips from the 80’s like it was yesterday. But I always thought this was the ugliest bowling center I’ve ever seen. Looks more like someone’s basement. Although nothing wrong with having a full size pair of lanes in your basement.

  3. Classic Bo never gets old. love the 80’s orange creamscicle shirt and gold shoes. also great hearing Chris Schenkel’s voice. I have a 1989 VHS Bo instructional tape I uploaded.

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