1984 Angle Open – Match 1 – Nelson Burton Jr. vs. Paul Gibson

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This is the first match of the 1984 Angle Open at Dick Weber Lanes in Florissant, MO on Feb 11, 1984. Nelson Burton Jr., who qualified 4th is up against Paul Gibson, the #5 qualifier. The match was joined in progress due to the olympic hockey game running over. Also, as usual, whenever Bo Burton bowled, Dick Weber stepped in at the microphone to join Chris Shenkel.

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12 Comments on “1984 Angle Open – Match 1 – Nelson Burton Jr. vs. Paul Gibson”

  1. In This Clip, From 0:00 To 1:09, It Was ABC Sports’ Professional Bowlers Open: The $125,000 Angle Open Video Open From Late Saturday Afternoon, February 11, 1984.

  2. At this point in the finals do you think Nelson Burton Jr. had any idea what his next three games would be like?

  3. @20alphabet He was locked in…I would suspect he’s thinking the shot is his, and as long as it holds, he could go a long way on the show.

  4. @mrbowling300 Possibly, but it sure would be interesting to see him post a response to that question. Who knows, he could’ve been focusing on something trivial to not over-think other issues. But I seriously doubt if he had any idea this would be the day his bowling career would peak. And MAN what a height!

  5. And Bo was wound like a spring. Always in good shape, and he had that Hammer just holding the line and throttling the pocket — he was one of the game’s really good shot-makers. Notice that Bo was getting the tripped 4s when he went high flush; that’s what playing the high, hard one will do for you. But that’s great control. Threw a lot of strikes that day, but he made his spares, too.

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