6 Comments on “1984 Bowling : Nelson “Bo” Burton Jr. vs. Bob Chamberlain : National Championship”

  1. After the 8th frame, Mr. Schenkel points out that Mr. Burton changed his left shoe to an older shoe. It took another decade for the advent of velcro bottomed bowling shoes, which addressed the slide problem.

    1. I have two pairs of bowling shoes I carry with me. One slides more than the other. I’m a right hander. I have experimented with wearing the better sliding shoe on the left, and the better gripping shoe on the right for better push off.

    2. @Some Guy Velcro soled bowling shoes have been out for over 20 years. If you average over 175 you have to buy a pair. Matching the sole to the condition is the justification but the real benefits are you can change soles if an accident gets it wet and every 3 years when it wears out you replace it. Because of sole replacement my Dexter SST 5s lasted 16 years. I could have used them longer but I got pair of Dexter SST 6s on sale for $99. The SST 6 is the best Dexter bowling shoe, even better than the newer models. I highly recommend buying a pair before they decide to stop making it.

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