1984 Pete Weber vs Mark Roth : Championship Match Greater Detroit Open “The Million Dollar Mark”

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1984 Pete Weber vs Mark Roth : Championship Match Greater Detroit Open "The Million Dollar Mark"


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34 Comments on “1984 Pete Weber vs Mark Roth : Championship Match Greater Detroit Open “The Million Dollar Mark””

    1. YES! I loved this bowling alley! I was born and raised in Dearborn Heights. I was so heartbroken when Satellite was torn down. Garden Lanes was a good house. I spent my Friday nights on league there. My toughest house was always Oak Lanes. I practiced there alot to keep my game sharp.

  1. Three of the greatest natural talents ever to step on the lanes. Roth, Weber, and of course Anthony. They did not need two handed or easy conditions to dominate. Each one had a different
    style and different release but they all made it work every week every year.

    1. I have heard Norm Duke say in an interview that 2-handed wouldn’t dominate back in the wood lane and urethane ball era.

      Because of the lanes played on and balls thrown today, 2-handed is able to be a very dominating style in the right hands in today’s game.

    2. Anthony did have a huge advantage of being a lefty, quite often, lefties would cash in more than righties even though only 10 percent of the population are lefties. One time, 15 of 16 cashes were left handed bowlers because lane conditions back then would break down for right handed bowlers.

    3. @spatrick1964 I don’t really think so – remember Mark Roth dominated the late 70s and many righties came up. The only other dominant lefty in my opinion was Mike Aulby because he won most of his titles in the 1980s. Parker came later. In the 70s you had Petraglia, Moser, etc but it was rare for them to win all. Now as far as wins, Anthony would have not won many titles today because it is a power game and not accuracy. The oil is heavier and he would have left many corner pins with his delivery. Even Roth would have had little success because although he turned it a little more than others, his release was a semi-spinner. This is why Weber is still bowling well because his release is transitional. Back then you had wood or lacquer surfaces and less oil where the shots would roll out so Anthony’s typical “poor weak release” worked very well.

  2. Boy, bowling technology sure has come a long way since those days. Back then, I think the best a guy could hope for as a bowling aid, was having the most perfect perm, and the best 70’s porn mustache to go with it lmao 😂.

  3. No “messengers” back then because you couldn’t get the angle of today’s balls and oil conditions.

  4. lf anyone is wondering the play by play announcer is Jay Randolph, who was the play by play man for Cardinals baseball on channel 5 the NBC in St. Louis, the color commentator is the late legendary Earl Anthony.

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