1986 St Louis Open

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1986 PBA St Louis Open held in St. Louis, Missouri. The first match features Mats Karlsson versus Norm Duke. The second match features Billy Young versus Norm Duke. The third match features Pete Weber versus Norm Duke. The championship match features Dennis Jacques versus Pete Weber.

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    1. 01SilveradoLT do you mean by cutting away to commercials about bowling and ice skating? Besides, USBC doesn’t own the PBA, Bowlero does and they will run the shows with Fox Sports

    2. The crossoever talent the big 3 used to have is retired and gone. Regardless of the sport covered, the guys who had radio experience working in tv covered events better, and just being around mentored those that didn’t.

  1. It’s unusual for me to see Vultex pins used. I don’t remember ever bowling on them personally, much less seeing them used at the highest level.

    1. @Impulse reaction Are you kidding? The tour had much larger field sizes in the 70’s and 80’s than it ever had. That was the peak of the PBA Tour.

  2. The last two matches were tremendous. This was Jacques’ last appearance in a championship match He made five more appearances in the Top 5 and left the tour after 1995. He made some controversial remarks in 1987 that the PBA was not doing enough to help the players earn a living. It looked Dee Dee was there in body only. She had left Pete a couple of years earlier. They had reconciled but a year or so after this tournament she was gone for good.

    1. Totally agree that Dee Dee never really looked very happy during this broadcast. The peck on the lips at the end seemed forced and it is obvious the Marriage was falling apart during this time. And did you notice the Dee Dee look-alike in the front row next to the black gentleman? Same hairdo and outfit.

  3. This is where I really started to love bowling,is there anybody that is better at explaining than BO. PDW !!! I AM 🐐

    1. What I remember about Bo Burton is that he was always really excited about “…the possibility of a tie!!!” It almost never happened, of course. But he mentioned it all the time. He was definitely pulling for it. lol

    1. Agreed. Him an Nelson Burton Jr were on my TV every Saturday afternoon. I even recorded the telecasts on VHS so I could re-watch and study technique. I’ve never really gotten into this hambone generation with Rob stone. Randy isn’t terrible though

    2. Dave Grvn I don’t get it too, but they had to really look and find something that related with the new PBA audiences. People have related here though, and I think the PBA is finally got a foothold again

    3. RIP to the smooth baritone of Chris Schenkel. He was one to the most versatile broadcasters of all time.

  4. Love hearing Chris Schenkel’s magic voice again! He and Nelson “Bo” Burton Jr., made these broadcasts!

  5. Happy belated Birthday Norm Duke! Just turned 56.
    Pete would later have DeeDee’s Mullet but not have Dee Dee.

    1. Every time they showed Dee Dee, she looked like a woman wasn’t going to be married for much longer.

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  7. Watching Bo’s tips took me from a183 average to near a 200 average. Back when a deuce bowler meant something-late 80’s, early 90’s.

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