1987 Pete Weber vs Mark Roth Part 2

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1987 FTOC

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13 Comments on “1987 Pete Weber vs Mark Roth Part 2”

  1. @TylerBowlJohnson Strikes allow you to win but players who fail to make their spares have no chance because professional bowling conditions are oiled in a much tougher way.

    1. @Robert OConnor Rhinos were pretty good balls back in the day. I used a black one up until the reactives came out, and I loved it. I remember this tournament, and all the players who lost to Pete admitted they played the lanes wrong, they were too deep inside in the oil and weren’t able to carry like Pete was. If you look at Pete’s line, he was a couple boards outside of where the others were playing, and that was the difference.

    2. Robert OConnor Roth pigeonholed himself by signing on with team Brunswick. They were making junk by this time.

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