1988 TPC – Dave Ferraro vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr. – Pt1

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The date was December 3, 1988 at the Touring Players Championship in Taylor, MI. Dave Ferraro, who qualified number 1, was up against number 2 seed, Walter Ray Williams, Jr. In all the years I've been watching bowling, I've never seen WRW miss a 10 pin. In this match he misses two of them, which cost him the match. I was glad to have found this tape, showing a victorious Dave Ferraro. Ferraro took home $23,000 for his efforts. This was the final stop of the year on the PBA fall tour. My buddy Tom is a huge Dave Ferraro fan, and I know he will appreciate seeing this. Jay Randolph and Earl Anthony with the call. Hope you enjoy!

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12 Comments on “1988 TPC – Dave Ferraro vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr. – Pt1”

  1. Being that I live in Kingston, well, just outside of it, It’s always nice to see you post some Dave videos… He loves seeing them when they get posted here 😀

  2. My pleasure! My buddy Tom is a huge Dave Ferraro fan! Ferraro will be on the Let’s Go Bowling show on May 8. Check out my website for further details.

  3. Omg, Ray missing a ten pin. That is exactly why he shoots straight spares now. Don’t have to count on that break.

  4. He was throwing essentially a kill shot – you can hear the rumbling on the thumb hole. He just dead missed them right. Very interesting to watch.

  5. WRW is truly a fantastic bowler through all these years. His only shortcoming is not coming through to win the championship matches. It’s amazing how many he’s had a chance to win yet only at about 50%

  6. @thunderstruck665 If it happens to the BEST in the game, it’s gonna happen to EVERYONE. I’ve gotten a lot better at my 10s but I still miss a few here and there too. ;-;

  7. Question: When Dave Ferraro won the TPC, was it considered a “major” at the time he won it? If yes, that means he has 3 major championships not just one. Two Players Championships and the T of C.

  8. Mrbowling300 if you have this whole tournament and the 1980 arc alameda open can you please post it?

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