1989 Nelson Burton Tip of the Week Las Vegas

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Nelson Burton Jr 1989 Las Vegas, NV

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9 Comments on “1989 Nelson Burton Tip of the Week Las Vegas”

  1. I read something that said Nelson could push press more than 200 lbs. Amazing someone that strong threw the ball that weak. I knew string beans who reved it up.

  2. @Polarcupcheck He has 18 titles and both USBC and PBA hall of famer but you want him to have more revs on the ball? I would throw a backup ball to have his bowling career

  3. @Polarcupcheck Check out Chris Warren. Tiny guy nick named squeaks because of his voice. Huge back swing and a ton of revs on the ball.

  4. @gamemeister27 Chris warren may have been the 1st professional bowler I ever recall following. He was a big inspiration to me when I was young. One of my favorites of all time. He had beautiful power game.

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