31 Comments on “1990 Ebonite Senior Championship: Final Match: Earl Anthony vs John Hricsina”

  1. Earl was so amazing; so dominant for years but also so gracious. If this recording continued, Earl hugged the proprietor & proclaimed her to be the class act of the bowling business… even though Earl coowned a California center. Earl was the class act!!

    1. I used to have the original telecast on VHS.  The ESPN classic version chopped off that ending you made references to.  The senior tour bowlers loved Janet Buehler, the proprietor of this center because she treated them really well.  Hall of Fame Lanes hosted the Senior Championship event from its inaugural event in the early 1980’s-1990.  After that, this tournament moved to M 66 Bowl in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1991, Thruway Lanes in Upstate, NY in 1992, and in various centers in Florida thereafter.  I read that Janet passed away. 

    1. I loved watch Earl bowl and I honestly think that I have seen every televised match and I am confused about one thing. I have read articles saying that Earl was very versatile and always figured out how to play the lane but, I have never seen Earl play anything but second arrow on the left with a medium hook, usually laying the ball down close to the foul line. I’ve never seen him bowl to the inside with a bigger hook.
      Is it because the lanes back then were usually lacquer all the way down?

    2. Probably a product of the lanes and the equipment he had at his disposal. There was a telecast (Cleveland, 1979) where the right-handers were playing between the fourth and fifth arrows. Earl’s line was in between the third and fourth arrows.

    3. There are some shows on YouTube where Earl is playing the 4th arrow. Dig around and you’ll see why he was the greatest.

  2. People point out about the “left advantage” , however Earl often was a top qualifier when no other lefty was in the Top 24 . Truly a once in a lifetime talent!

    1. Talented and not flashy!!! Bowled against others who had a lot more power but he just had the best mental game!!! Don’t get me wrong, he bowled against some of the all time greats we’ve seen and still had the class and respect from everyone.

  3. Earl Anthony in my personal humble opinion is the Babe Ruth of PBA Pro Bowling. RIP. You are indeed missed but never forgotten. Favourite PBA Pro Bowler along with Nelson Burton Jr.

  4. Watching Earl bowl is really a treat. Next to David Weber, he was one of the greatest technical bowlers ever. A pure stroker.

  5. Yes definitely Herky jerky the other player . Girl Anthony you’re the best in the south east north and west amen.

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