1991 US Open Pete Weber vs. Mark Thayer – Trophy Drop

Drops eagle Trophy in 1991. Weber's most embarrassing moment came on national television on April 13, 1991. As he explained to Sports Illustrated on November 7, 2006, "After I won the 1991 [BPAA] U.S. Open, I went to lift the trophy over my head. The eagle toppled down and busted into a million pieces. People came up and grabbed pieces to take home."

24 Comments on “1991 US Open Pete Weber vs. Mark Thayer – Trophy Drop”

    1. Yes. Especially since everyone involved in the creation of the first one must have been embarrassed as s—. 🙂

  1. The way he lifts his head and looks at the camera at 3:40, was expecting him to suddenly smile with the credits like it’s the start of a 90s family-themed American sitcom.

  2. Did he actually drop it? Looks like it just fell off because the top part isn’t fastened to the base, that’s just shitty design.

    1. They screwed it on way too tight causing fractures and cracks, leading to the fatal trophy drop.

  3. @ 1:52, “sneaking in the back door all week long” Classic PDW to enlighten us on his bedroom endeavours! 🤣

  4. Was watching documentry now and seen the bowling episode and the tropy broke just like this one. Remember when i was four or five seeing this live.

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