1993 Leisure’s Long Island Open

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Sayville Bowl, Sayville, N.Y., Mar 22-27, 1993
Dave Arnold Leisurely Rolls To 1st Title

The two biggest winners at the $150,000 Leisure's Long Island Open couldn't have been more different-and neither could have been happier when all was settled at Sayville Bowl. Six-foot, three-inch, 165-pound Dave Arnold rolled to his first PBA title by opening with eight strikes en route to a 268-259 win over Walter Ray Williams Jr. Arnold, Gilbert, Ariz., earned $30,000 for his victory, which also qualified him for the Tournament of Champions.

Five-foot, six-inch, 165-pound Ricky Ward of N. Fort Myers, Fla., continued to reign as "King of the Hill" by dispatching Arnold 269-265, for the $5,000 "winner-take-all" stakes. The four-game championship round also proved to be the highest scoring in PBA history, as the five bowlers averaged 254 to outscore the 1979 Fresno Open finals, which punched in at a 250 per game scoring pace. All told, 78.3 % of the shots thrown were strikes (71 total).

The unflappable Arnold ironically bumped his brother-in-law, Jess Stayrook, from the exclusive 52-man Firestone field.

Williams, Stockton, Calif., started the afternoon in exciting fashion when he was nearly perfect in crushing reigning BPAA U.S. Open champ Robert Lawrence, 299-245. A pesky 10-pin cost Williams the $100,000 perfect game bonus from True Value Hardware Stores, and two games later, the 1986 PBA Player of the Year had to settle for the $16,000 runnerup check.

Williams suffered no letdown following his impressive opening game, as he next defeated PBA President Mike Aulby, Indianapolis, 226-204. Aulby earned $8,000 for third place and Lawrence, Austin, Texas, collected $6,500 for fourth.


Pos. Name, City/State Total Amount

1 Dave Arnold, Gilbert, AZ 268 (1 game) $30,000
2 Walter Ray Williams Jr., Stockton, CA 784 (3 games) 16,000
3 Mike Aulby, Indianapolis 204 (1 game) 8,000
4 Robert Lawrence, Austin, TX 245 (1 game) 6,500

PLAYOFF RESULTS- Williams Jr. defeated Lawrence, 299-245; Williams Jr. defeated Aulby, 226-204; and in the championship game, Arnold defeated Williams Jr., 269-258. KING OF THE HILL- Ricky Ward, North Fort Myers, FL, defeated Arnold, 269-265, for $5,000.

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21 Comments on “1993 Leisure’s Long Island Open”

  1. Okay let’s do some math here….(299+226+259)/3 = 261.33!!
    So WRW averages 261 for 3 games, only to finish 2nd! Unreal, but I’m not surprised, b/c the next year, he would average 251 in the Bud Light HOF Championship (with games of 289, 226, and 238), and he wound up finishing 2nd in that tournament as well to tournament leader Andy Neuer (who shot a big 276 at him in the championship match).

  2. I bet Walter was a little bummed that if Arnold hadn’t gotten just one of his two lucky strikes the outcome would have been different. But that’s bowling.

  3. $100,000 gone by the bayside???? No Big! He ended up wih almost $300,000 for the whole year. Talk about being on fire.

  4. This is an historic broadcast, new reactive bowling balls and ludicrously blocked lanes. This tourney marks the time from which you could buy a ball and book a lane that would do it all for you. The game was more fun when a 210 was a good game.

  5. Man, back then, Walter Ray tore up the tour with that red Ebonite Crush/R. I remember him using it on so many episodes.

  6. I guess they don’t have the jinx rule in bowling where the announcers refrain from mentioning a perfect game in progress.

  7. Robert Lawrence could not have bowled a better 245 game than this!! Everything was in the pocket. He could have easily had 300!! However, I MUST give kudos to Walter Ray!!

  8. I think King of the Hill would have worked better if it could have been a separate program, like the Championship Bowling series with Fred Wolf. With the King of the Hill match coming after the title match, it seemed awkward and didn’t fit in (kinda like me in high school 🙂).

  9. What ball is Chris Lawrence using? He’s wearing a Columbia shirt but that’s definitely not a ProHook, color is more like a Beast but I’m not sure that ball was introduced in ’93. Anyone know??

  10. Wow! Its “Strike or Die” time on the PBA Tour. Not so sure I am enjoying this new Reactive Resin Ball Era. It’s like having to shoot a -17 or even -18 under every round to win a Disc Golf Tournament. Takes away some of the drama and intrigue of overcoming misses.

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