31 Comments on “1994 Pete Weber vs Amleto Monacelli HQ Part 1”

  1. I had a Purple Rhino Pro back in the day…worked great for me…technology is old but still would hit hard on todays lighter oil patterns…

    1. I still bowl with mine and after all these years, it’s in great condition. I feel all the new RR balls have way too much back end for me……too funny!

    1. Heather Baer Pete Weber was so talented he once won a PBA Tournament with the AMF Bobcat. Ever heard of it?

  2. Ever notice how far off Nelson Burton Jr. always ways when describing where the bowlers were playing on the lanes? He says Weber is playing between the 2nd and 3rd arrow on one lane, and closer to the 2nd arrow on the other, when in fact, Weber is around the 4th arrow. He got that wrong on a lot of telecasts.

  3. I just bought a New In Box never drilled Gold Rhino pro vintage, which is a reactive ball.

    Also I didn’t know the Dallas Stars existed in 1994! Thought they were still in Minnesota

    1. If its the Newer remake its not really even the same ball,, just the color,, Core is different and so is cover ,,, Moves a good 7-10 boards more than the original from the 90s

  4. Ahh the Pirannah,, i had one of those and a Nitro R which was teal green Used to call it my Watermelon Bag,,,LOL

  5. Yo lo conoci hoy 🙂 y tengo su autografo, me invito a tomar clases de bowling es una muy buena persona amleto monacelli

    1. I had a running joke with a beautiful human being named Mike. When he would wear his branded sweatshirt, I’d say; “Come on, Mike, tell us *all* about the masons.” He’d reply; “I could, but then I’d have to kill you all.”

  6. Let the flaming begin; between the hair, and the fact that his ball “rolls out,” I never cared to watch AM.

    The key word is “watch.”

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