28 Comments on “1994 Pete Weber vs Marshall Holman HQ Part 1”

    1. They were two of the biggest jackasses on the entire tour for basically the entire of their careers. They’d have had those demeanors if they were bowling against a 5 year old girl or by themselves.

  1. Man, Holman’s position at release and through was so solid. Pete obviously great, too. I think people marginalize the work and refining these guys had put into their game.

  2. 2 🐐 2 of my favorite since the 80s! Love the styles between Pete and marshall with Pete having that high back swing side roll and marshall’s low backswing smooth roll approach

  3. 4:45 one of the few smiles from Pete against Marshall, Roth & the like he kept his composure he knew he couldn’t out psyche guys like them

  4. I won an amateur spot in the 1982 Tucson Open, both of these guys were there. I stunk the joint up, but it was a great experience, they crossed me with Earl Anthony. I was leaving after the qualifying rounds, and as I got into my car, the door of a motor home parked next to me opened and several PBA members spilled out, including Webber. The cloud of smoke that poured out the door when they opened it made me high.

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