20 Comments on “1994 Pete Weber vs Randy Pederson Part 2”

  1. Don’t forget about Mark Bowers at the 1992 Showboat Invitational. And, before the 1991 TOC, Amleto missed another 5-pin at the 1988 Bowler’s Journal Florida Open in Venice, Fla.

  2. Really not a huge surprise that Pedersen missed that 5-pin. I think he didn’t stay down on the first shot which is why he pulled it and didn’t stay down on the second shot and pulled it again. He learned the lesson and stayed with it in the next frame. In blowing his split, Weber shows us how that old axiom of going hard at spares isn’t necessarily the best action to take. He chucked it in the drink trying to do so when a little more control at slower speed would have given him a better shot.

  3. ….And if you look at how Weber picked up the 10-pin before the split, you’ll see he threw well to the far side of that pin. Take the hook out of the ball with your wrist, keep your same ball, speed and stroke and you’ll find the advice of hard at it with a plastic ball just doesn’t make any sense. I very seldom leave or miss a ten pin. As in golf, it’s repeatability and you don’t get that making drastic changes.

  4. This event occurred 1 year before Pete Weber’s worst year in 1995. Pete Weber considered quitting bowling, then his wife told him; Get your head out of your a– and throw the ball like you know how.

  5. not sure what I’m surprised by more, Randy missing the 5 pin, or seeing that thing on the back of Petes head. LOL

  6. damn, I want to see that match with Norm and Randy. haha glad norm and Pete went with shorter hair styles later on.

  7. Bowling Used To Air @ 3pm Saturday Afternoons On ABC, Later ABC7, Went Off @ 4:30pm. I Read That It’s Already Supposed To B Back On The Air On The Same Network. The PBA Got Switched To CBS…Missing It.

  8. Great stuff! I loved hearing the Schenkel/Burton voiceover. They were a great team. Mr. Pedersen has no idea he will be Mr. Burton’s successor and calling his opponents in this event until even the 2019 season.

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