28 Comments on “1996 Pete Weber vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Part 2”

  1. Compare these two “professionals” when they get a bad break…I would say the BETTER man won this match. Even with three consecutive solid 10 pins, Ray held it together and created/maintained an environment where we felt comfortable watching the match; unlike the baby.

  2. …and did it ever accrue to you that since you are here too, that you have nothing else to do? Probably not! lol ; So what’s your point? No point, no point of view, nothing! Just noise…

  3. I remember when Marshall was the bad guy on tour. By the end of Pete’s rookie year, he was the clear bad guy. This sport having a bad guy is more fun to watch.

    1. Definetly! It makes for better competition! Marshall Holman always did have an attitude. He could really be a thorn in somebody’s side, when he wanted to be! Fortunately for him, though, he could back it up, when it came down to his bowling! Pete learned from all of that, and learned how to be a thorn in the side of everybody that he ever bowled against!

  4. Walter Ray, first hugging his own wife, then hugging Pete Weber’s wife? With Pete just feet away from him? Walter Ray didn’t mean anything by hugging Pete’s wife, and I know that, but still…even though I’ve been a big fan of Walter Ray Williams for a long time, that was not a classy move on his part, hugging Pete Weber’s wife like that. That was like going up to the loser, and, instead of consoling him for the loss, slapping him in the face! You can bet your bottom dollar that Pete Weber didn’t take too kindly to that…no sir, not at all! Something like that can start a proverbial war, even between the best of friends!

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