1997 Johnny Petraglia Open

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1997 PBA Johnny Petraglia Open held at Carolier Lanes in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The first match features Tim Criss versus Walter Ray Williams Jr. The second match features Steve Hoskins versus Walter Ray Williams Jr. The third match features Pete Weber versus Walter Ray Williams Jr. The championship match features Amleto Monacelli versus Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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    1. Yes. He also won a tournament throwing plastic when everyone else was throwing reactive resin. Ebonite was pissed because they wanted Walter to promote their new equipment. He said plastic gives me the best chance to win.

    1. Yes. Gen.Mgr. Jack Kordusky (RIP) had the center re-screened/resurfaced a short time prior to the 1997 JP Open. When Brunswick took over the daily operations from Lee Livingston, Jack and company, later that year, the lanes went to a Guardian surface. I believe around late 2000-2001, the house went full synthetic. Prior to the corporate takeover, Carolier back in the day, was one of the best maintained bowling centers in NJ.

    2. @Charles Peak Jr Good stuff to know. I’m sure it was one of the best maintained, and certainly the largest in recent years. Though Brunswick seemed like a good fit for it in the past, I still wish it never became Bowlero. Wonder what Lee must think of everything. I was appalled that Bowlero decimated the hours of operation, (only opening in afternoon and evening) and that they wanted to do away with league, pro, or any kind of RESPECTABLE bowling. But I also heard recently that Bowlero somehow acquired the PBA……………………

    3. @Railroad Skater I mean, other than the ridiculous lights, that Bowlero tournament that was on TV wasn’t too bad. Maybe they’ve turned things around.

  1. When Bo Burton was commenting about Lane 35 at Carolier, now Bowlero, and how on all the other pairs in the house, the right lane was tighter, he mentioned that 35 was tighter than 36. He’s right, I know from personal experience because I have bowled a few Junior Bowlers’ Tour Events there, and have bowled on that pair a couple of times. Lane 35 is about 2-3 boards tighter than Lane 36.

    1. Note that these are wood lanes, and that they now have synthetic. Totally different surface, but definitely ironic if they play similar

    2. @Nicholas Lloyd Well I have heard of instances in which wood lanes that were upgraded to synthetics, eventually the old wooden characteristics (IE hang spots, etc) tend to show up. And I do remember Bo’s remark how one of the lanes had a “2 inch upgrade” making it tighter.

  2. Who’s here because of the Coronavirus nothing else to watch no Sports of any kind just flash backing in time watching sports from yesteryears

    1. Yeah…you posted that message two months ago and it’s June and I’m here for the same reason lol. Things seem to be turning around but it’s slow going and this is a good way to kill time πŸ™‚

    2. @RobVoyles Walter Ray makes any ball look like a beast. I found one video on here where it’s the early 90’s, resin balls have come out and are being used by all the pro’s and yet Walter Ray bowls in a tournament and winds up using a plastic ball and then goes on TV with it and wins the tournament with it!!!

    3. Also watching to remember what these star players looked like back then and seeing them age over many continuous tournament videos. It’s crazy to see time passing like this. It takes me back to being a kid and watching bowling after 1) waking up to watch Saturday morning cartoons, 2) go to my YABA league, 3) eat lunch before sitting down to watch. πŸ™‚ So much simpler back then.

  3. Also, I miss this WRWJ beard. He’s got that Kenny Rogers look. I wasn’t a fan of his mini mustache era.

  4. Walter Ray must have been the only person on earth that actually drilled and threw that Quantum Helix ball properly back than. Everyone I knew that had one had it drilled wrong. Ball drillers had no clue on how to drill that damn thing.

  5. Walter Ray has the most titles because he thinks like an engineer. He’s calculated most of the variables out of his shot and his line and he proved once again that simpler is better.

  6. i bowled a pro-am with Tim Criss as my pro, he had long hair in the early 90’s, I wish I would have kept my picture of him.

    1. The gold part was the weaker part to carry it through the heads till it flipped on the backend giving it more hook.

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