15 Comments on “1997 Norm Duke vs Brian Voss Part 1”

  1. @smartypants1ful so you ahve 24 PBA titles with a major? sorry I didnt watch any of you on tv….

  2. if you guys are going to make comments on professional bowling then at least act like you know what you talking about!….. BOTH of these guys are Hall Of Famers!…..until anybody on here gets themselves 20 titles on the national tour you have nothing to say to or about Norm, Brian or any other player who has won on the PBA Tour!…

  3. house means nothing just for the record. AND the number you are looking for if it did matter would be 250’s. He has 25 titles on tour and is in the HOF thats what matters

  4. Brian Voss obviously doesn’t suck. Norm is always clutch on tv. Brian Voss’ seminar on youtube taught me so much. More than Norm Dukes DVD.

  5. From the eyes down to the chin, Brian looks like Elton John …but man does that forehead and hairline make up for it!

  6. Anybody remember the TV final where Voss made a bad shot and got so pissed that he kneeled and punched the approach really hard?

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