22 Comments on “1997 PBA Albany Senior Open – Anthony vs. LeBlanc (Part 2)”

  1. Great games for both bowlers, and nice to see Earl bowling in his later years. It is hard to believe that he passed away just 4 years after this. He’d be 69 today and probably still going strong on the lanes.

  2. this first was played on ESPN 8 “The Ocho”, right after dodge ball and Venezuelan women’s underwater basket weaving.

  3. @bigyodatheman I don’t think it was the best senior title match — the title match from the 1991 AMF HPL Senior Open (in which Earl also bowled) is up here on YouTube somewhere. That one gets better and better as it goes along. This is still awfully good, though πŸ™‚

  4. Earl Anthony pounding the approach with his fist after leaving a 7 pin was an earthquake of emotion from him and it’s such a far cry from today’s “in your face” classless crap that people don’t understand it at all.

  5. Go to your settings and set the speed to .25. Then go to the 4:34 mark and listen to the audio for about the next 10 seconds. It sounds like zombie bowling. I laughed so hard I almost passed out!! Ohhhhhhh mmmyyyyyyyyy Godddddd…

  6. Earl’s one class act bowler. No showing off like today’s actors. He’s a bowling machine.

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