1997 PBA Ebonite Challenge II – Hoskins shoots 300 (Part 1)

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In the semifinal of the second 1997 PBA Ebonite Challenge, Steve Hoskins threw 12 strikes in a row against Walter Ray Williams, Jr. for a perfect game. Part 1 of 2.

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17 Comments on “1997 PBA Ebonite Challenge II – Hoskins shoots 300 (Part 1)”

  1. dude i think you guys are coming down a little harsh on him. i mean it was the first he had seen the pair so it took him a few frames to get adjusted, esp on the right lane. even still, only the 2nd and 4th frames were lucky (obviously the 4th was REAL lucky, but still)

  2. Steve Hoskins is a HOF-caliber bowler and one of the most talented of all-time (probably the most powerful hook shot in existence).

  3. That’s how he ALWAYS struck, though. He didn’t even really need to hit the 10 pin to get them all down.

  4. wwj is a 300 magnet
    1. steve hoskins
    2. norm duke
    3. wes mallot
    all televised no telling how many in match play

    1. And now Sean Rash has taken that magnet himself, spectator to 4 TV 300’s from the opponent chair. However he also has TWO PGA TV 300’s himself, which makes him a participant in SIX PGA TV 300’s for the absolute record.

  5. that is the most hook he has ever thrown in his life and from where every once else is playing the lanes you can tell there r as dry as a desert

  6. This is about the opposite of what I had to do in league the other night. I’m usually throwing a big hook, but I had to play straight up the lane. I didn’t do as well as WRW did switching his line, but I’ll live with it.

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