1997 PBA Ebonite Challenge II – Hoskins shoots 300 (Part 2)

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In the semifinal of the second 1997 PBA Ebonite Challenge, Steve Hoskins threw 12 strikes in a row against Walter Ray Williams, Jr. for a perfect game. Part 2 of 2.

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15 Comments on “1997 PBA Ebonite Challenge II – Hoskins shoots 300 (Part 2)”

  1. This is one of the most exciting matches I’ve ever seen. It just seems like so few years later there is so much less excitement in televised tournaments.

  2. i know that Steve Hoskins is in a league at a bowling alley called Lane Glo South, about 10 minutes from my house. He holds records for high game and high series there.

  3. Odessaboy, you are absolutely correct. I bowled right next to him at Lane Glo in New Port Richey this evening and the guy is pure money. Very intimidating in his bowling style. I had to stop what I was doing and watched him bowl with his family. Seems like a pretty nice guy.

  4. 3 300 games bowled against Walter Ray Williams Jr. on TV and yet he still has the most titles out of anybody lol and tied 2nd for most 300 games on the tour behind Parker Bohn III!

  5. Every since Hoskins looked at Walter Ray on the first vid with that sort of intimidation stare Walter hasnt been right since.

  6. @missysworld1 I was actually a little intimidated. He was throwing rocks that day and pretty much watched him more than my own practice rolls.

  7. this was my favorite 300 game of all of them…Hoskins, had the coolest lines ive seen for a 300 game

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