16 Comments on “1997 PBA Tri-Cities Senior Open – Anthony vs. Mage (Part 1)”

  1. I remember watching Gary Mage in the mid 70s convert the 4-6 split! It’s the only time that I’ve ever seen it made.

  2. I bowled in Jrs. at Magic Lanes during the mid 70’s and as a lefty Gary was the man. I tried to emulate his style and self-control. Although I’ve never reached the heights of success as my bowling idols many times while throwing a near perfect game I’ve thought back to Gary’s calmness in the clutch. I miss Earl and I only wish Gary had focused more on winning PBA events – oddly I always felt he “half tried” and could have done better.

  3. I was lucky enough to at a senior Pro-Am. Man was pure class, and even had a sense of humor. Helped that I was just a kid at the time (no more than about 9).

    1. MikeHL78 it’s the Brunswick Sapphire Zone. Earl only used the Sapphire when he returned to the tour in 96/97. Just changed surfaces, different weights, etc. the greatest ever!

  4. Maybe it’s just from watching him through the years, but when I see Earl Anthony in these senior events it looks like a pro pitted against a league bowler.

  5. Earl used the Brunswick Sapphire Zone. He used it exclusively during his return to the tour in 96/97. He just changed surfaces, weights, etc.

  6. I bowled with Gary in the NW League! One night he told me he had a hurt back and he would do the best he could! It was Amazing, he rolled 3- 279’s! I couldn’t believe it!

  7. Shoutout to everyone that downloaded the ESPN Bottom Line to their computer in the early days of broadband.

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