23 Comments on “1997 Pete Weber vs Doug Kent Part 1”

  1. @bownguyen316 yup, this is the match before those two. You can easily find it in the Peter Weber vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Legacy Collection Playlist on my main page.

  2. PDW maaaaaaan LOVE watching this dude!…..i wish i could have bowled against him back in the day!

  3. its crazy how much important spares are now then they were back then. They could easily get away with opens. I cant even get away with that during highschool bowling.

  4. Nice crossover? I don’t think I’ve ever thought or felt those words about a brooklyn strike. “Damn, I just lucked out on a crappy shot” is my standard reaction.

  5. Doug Kent owns a bowling alley a town over from where im at. I bought a tropical storm black cherry for 15 bucks off him

  6. Pete always yells at and talks to the pins like they’re trying to evade him, which I find hilarious coz they’re completely stationary, ornate objects 😂

    1. @Big Mike 11 That and a hundred other examples…like yelling at the crowd when someone does something he doesn’t like.

  7. If feels odd having Bo Burton and Chris Schemkle as commentators and watching the ESPN logo on rhe top right part of the screen

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