22 Comments on “1997 Pete Weber vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Part 1 Final ABC Match”

  1. abc put bowling on the map as a kid watching the pro bowlers tour was always fun i tried to mimic the bowlers i like

  2. pete always my favorite bowler thru my yrs 46 now, love ur chop at 50.. do that in my league lol

    1. Steve Katz and that makes a difference how? Should the Olympics be held in some random towns community pool and track?

    1. Walter Ray knows it. Commentators always mention it. However, they all also always know that it works for him and only him. Walter Ray has been on record for saying, “Do NOT learn to bowl like me if possible because my form won’t work for anyone else. For some reason it just happens to for me.” which I totally think is awesome and it makes him earn my respect 10 fold cuz I already love the dude.

    2. Actually he has said his bowling form is a derivative of his form pitching horseshoes. Walter is all about consistency and simplicity in order to be able to repeat shots

  3. Weber throws the ball: “PETE PETE PETE COME ON PETE!!!!!” It’s not a strike: “Dawwww…”

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