28 Comments on “1997 Pete Weber vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Part 2 Final ABC Match”

  1. I have always hated Pete’s attitude…Whenever I’m beside someone like that bowling I just feel like saying shut up and sit down…

    1. No. I love the intensity! You have to get in your opponents head, too. Throwing a few in a row and celebrating is what you should be doing

    1. xtraframe is pretty great. But the finals are always on ESPN or whatever, and that is cut and paste announcing, where producers are telling them what to say. Xtra frame is full tournaments with loose announcing, which is great.

    2. It was classy, prestigious and memorable. Then it became a nascar-jersey-wearing pros at a fret party. Made even worse today with 2-handed bowling. Back then if they wanted a powerful ball that’ll wreck the pins they had to master the art of the release and perfect their timing. Not have these ridiculous balls of today and crank shots without using the thumb. Pity. I’ve seen weak releases today that wouldn’t have a prayer back then carry the five on a light hit. Equivalent to seeing a 70 mph golf swing bomb it 350 yds… at a rock concert in Augusta. Pba has truly lost its ways imo.

  2. The only 2 other tournaments that I could remember where PDW was playing that far outside were the 1989 Bowler’s Journal Florida Open and the 1990 Fair Lanes Open (which is posted to YouTube).  

  3. This is one of the few YouTube videos that truly deserves to receive zero dislikes and hundreds of thousands of views simultaneously.

  4. So appropriate that these Titans at the top of their games would bowl the final match on the ABC telecast.

  5. The tribute they aired for Chris Schenkel at the end of this was one of the greatest pieces ABC ever did IMO.

  6. I was rooting for Walter Ray all the way. However, I kinda felt a little bad for Pete. The guy was a huge bundle of nerves. You could see it there near the end.

  7. This was a thriller watching Walter Ray Williams win this final telecast against Pete Weber with Chris Schenkel and Nelson Burton jr. Commentating

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