1998 PBA Brunswick LI Open: Final: Robert Smith vs WRW Jr-1

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BY REQUEST! The date was October 14th, 1998. Robert Smith just defeated Brian Himmler in the semifinal match. Here he takes on the top seeded player Walter Ray Williams Jr. This is part 1 of 2.

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12 Comments on “1998 PBA Brunswick LI Open: Final: Robert Smith vs WRW Jr-1”

  1. I don’t understand the synchronized clapping that the spectators are doing during each approach. Never saw that before. I’d think that would be annoying and distracting to the 2 bowlers.

    Seems like a good match otherwise.

  2. That’s too bad Robert had to retire early from his injuries….He had a hell of a delivery…and when his ball hit the pins, no survivors.

  3. I remember watching this live and from this moment on Robert Smith became one of my top 3 bowlers in the world.  He is like the Michael Vick of PBA – insane ability, but bad luck with injuries.

    1. Michael Vicks’ a joke. Don’t insult Smith by comparing him to that glorified running back under center who couldn’t hit the bride side of a barn.

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