1999 PBA Columbia 300 Open – Bohn III vs. Weber (Part 2)

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Ever seen instant replay in bowling? Well, this replay wasn't so instant, but a video replay of a spare shot by Parker Bohn III showed that he had fouled. After a commercial break, the decision was made to change Parker's spare to a foul. He'd recover to win the title over Pete Weber. Very interesting match. Part 2 of 2.

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11 Comments on “1999 PBA Columbia 300 Open – Bohn III vs. Weber (Part 2)”

  1. @kboss2011 yeah? you make that one every time? 100% success rate? well i’ll just put it this way- if walter ray (probably the most prolifically accurate spare shooter ever) can miss 10 pins on TV (which i’ve seen him do, more than once), then i can give pete a break on whiffing one baby split, and still consider him a pretty great spare shooter, despite one errant ball.

  2. @kboss2011

    It’s not easy,I’m an amateur I know but I got it several times today and made it just once (usually I convert it many times),because in most of the times,I chopped the 3 a little straight to the right and the ball didn’t deflect in the 10.And if I got the ball more to the right it’ll flag the 3 and make the 10,so It’s not that easy of a spare.Besides having to hook it makes it even more difficult.

  3. Hey dunner…after the article that just came out on PBA.com, you think you can re-upload this video with the trophy presentation included? I remember Parker commented tersely (but cordially) about the foul situation afterward; I wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

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