2 Incredible 7-10 Splits By Andrew Anderson & Jason Belmonte At The 2019 PBA Chameleon Championship

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Andrew Anderson and Jason Belmonte both converted the 7-10 split during qualifying at the 2019 PBA Chameleon Championship in very different ways.


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37 Comments on “2 Incredible 7-10 Splits By Andrew Anderson & Jason Belmonte At The 2019 PBA Chameleon Championship”

    1. @TraumaER Completely agree. Yesteryear with the fields opened up and a deep talent pool was a tougher game. There was money out there, and the best talent didn’t quit for a job making $40,000 a year.

    1. It depends on the machine and that is far from true anyway. Even if there were no Gs machines at all the 7 10 would still be very very rarely made. And you can’t just take the “mat” as you call it out of the pit on gs machines cause then i believe a lot of pins would fly literally into the backwall if it dosnt hit the elevator or other parts

    2. Depends on how the Pin hits the Curtain well or even the ball will squeeze the Pin on the Pit Cushion and bounce it

    1. was bowling with a high speed guy the other day and he did the same thing but the pin rolled probably half way back. it was crazy lmao

    1. @C K I guarantee they weren’t. I roll my spares 20 mph and there is a set amount of time from release to pin contact that needs to be made to be 20 mph. These shots were 17-18 at most.

    1. At first i thought it did until you said that but it wouldnt have mattered as the machine as pins can bounce off the sweep and hit other pins as long as it hasn’t started its actual sweeping motion

    2. @Pinz n Pinsetters You are correct. The sweep would have probably stopped it rolling with enough force to knock the 7 anyway.

  1. Those lanes must still use solid/rubber backboards that allow the pin to bounce back onto the pin deck. A lot of newer alleys just have a curtain in the back that absorb the pin’s energy and usually don’t allow the pins to bounce back

    1. Yeah these are AMF machines, forgot the type, but yeah the new Gsx and Gs-nxt absord the pin more since the curtain is only attached at the top.

    2. They are still super common Qubicaamf still makes them with their Xli edge they arn’t all old or uncommon at all

    3. @Pinz n Pinsetters yeah what were they called the gs-90 or something like that? They have the bar over the main sweep.

    4. @Sean Ritchey Yeah they are the GS-92 and the Gs-96. There is also the Gs-10 which was the first but there are not very many of them. The gs98 also has the sweep like the gsx.

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