2000 BPAA U.S. Open: Final: Norm Duke vs Robert Smith-1

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The date was July 15th, 2000. Stormin' Norm Duke beat Paul Fleming and Jeff Lizzi in the opening shootout match with a blistering 279 game. Top seed Robert Smith is his opponent in this match. Part 1 of 2

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20 Comments on “2000 BPAA U.S. Open: Final: Norm Duke vs Robert Smith-1”

  1. My friend gave me the tape with the US Open telecast on it and he didn’t record the women. He just caught the 10th frame of the women’s match. I wish he did as well.

  2. Before the new PBA changed the overall format of this and every tournament, they utilized a more forgiving lane pattern for the US Open title. The first US Open to use the more difficult patterns we’ve seen the last several years was the event held in 2001 [won by Mika].

  3. robert is a free agent. he gets his bowling balls drilled at eastland lanes by jeff miller in jeff’s pro shop, where he has many different bowling balls.
    i always see him in there getting new stuff drilled and its a great day for us when he cleans out his bowling bags for new ball day =)

  4. @irishpogi i’m not sure thats quite accurate, kegel based one of it’s current sport patterns on this us open pattern, it might have been the 2001 one though, i might be confused

  5. i hate when they say a split is virtually impossible to make lol. ive made the big 4 twice the and greek church twice…. not impossible by any means at all. luck and a good hit

  6. @nso1256 It certainly was. Robert decided to join the pro ranks in 1998, 4 years after he lost to Norm in the tournament at Lakewood, California.

  7. Finally found out what Robert’s up to. Just read his 2010 announcement to retire. Didn’t know. I kinda’ hate hearin’ it. Sucks. Take’s some spirit outta’ the game, but at least he’s not fully quitting. He’s still involved w/ bowling fully, he says and will still do some tournaments, including the U.S. Open, etc. He’s just not full time anymore. His reasons are understandable. Damn though…

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