2000 BPAA U.S. Open: Final: Norm Duke vs Robert Smith-2

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The date was July 15th, 2000. Stormin' Norm Duke beat Paul Fleming and Jeff Lizzi in the opening shootout match with a blistering 279 game. Top seed Robert Smith is his opponent in this match. Part 2 of 2

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26 Comments on “2000 BPAA U.S. Open: Final: Norm Duke vs Robert Smith-2”

  1. What I meant to say was, was this U.S. Open pattern not like the normal one? Really, these guys are playing outside, you always play inside on the U.S. Open.

  2. nope lol.
    ive seen him bowl, and the pressure just makes hum crumble. however, thanks for the vids!

  3. Biggest ball of his career at the time, and Duke comes up light, scrambling the pins leaving the 8… Norm choked!

  4. robert smith with tears in his eyes, and you see him say “god damn it bobby”, gives me chills everytime i see it

  5. haha i agree, only thing i can think of is eitehr that robert was only taking 4 steps, or the video started before they showed it missing the first step he took

  6. Wow, Randy was really hyper when he first started out as a color analyst. He seemed jumpy with his words too. Slow it down, Randall!

  7. question for irishpogi. There was a tournament that Robert lost to Pete Weber each while throwing a Piranha. I believe this was very early in Smiths TV career, but I havent been able to figure out if this tournament is online here. Lemme know if you got it or can upload it. I am not sure if it is 2000, 1999 or earlier.

    1. AC Delco, I guess I thought Norm was Pete. ;P I loved the Piranha, and the U2. My fav balls back then

    2. I just spoke to Robert the other day at the 2017 Masters. I told him I remembered the day when he picked up two big fours in a single JAT tournament game. He told me he actually made them both by cutting the pin across. Now that is jaw dropping accuracy. I was impressed anyone remembered that. Year unkown but it was publicized in the youth magazine that covers JAT and YABA. It was not televised.

  8. I like both bowlers ALOT! Duke already at 40 titles and Smith was always one of my favorites.

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