7 Comments on “2001 Norm Duke vs Tommy Delutz Jr. Part 1”

  1. Do you have the rest of the video because I would love to see the finals with Tommy and Chris again I havn’t been able to find it anywhere.

  2. I bowled in a tournament with Tom DeLutz, not sure of the year, but it was no later than 1984. You had to bowl three games in order to make the cut to continue bowling. His first game was in the 230’s, his second game was in the high 180’s. His third game was in the high 150s and he was so pissed, he must’ve assumed he didn’t make the cut so he took his ball and his stuff and stormed out of the place!! Meanwhile, his series was good enough that he made the cut. I told one of the organizers, “uh…he left”. My best friend at the time was from Hong Kong and used to call him Tom Deluxe hahah

  3. I had the pleasure of watching Tommy bowl high school,then of course when he turned pro and met him at Whitestone Lanes when i bowled league there for 2 years.He is a class act and was a great bowler.

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