22 Comments on “2001 Pete Weber vs Michael Haugen Jr. Part 2”

  1. This match single-handedly put bowling back on the map! Now we need Tommy Jones and Wes Malot to continue the fire burning ! I LIVE, EAT, BREATHE AND SMELL BOWLING !

  2. I like P.D.W. that’s his signature and emotions coming out…All I know Micheal made Pete work for it. The best damn match I ever saw on the P.B.A.! PERIOD!

  3. Pete said “Yeah, how do you like it! He thinks he’s gonna get his first one against me, no way!”

  4. Not often you can say “hey I just bowled a 279.” “Wow that’s awesome! Did you win?” “No……..”

  5. great match. good finish by haugen. he gave a bit of gamesmanship before pete bowled the 10th. saying, make him finish this game out. i’m sure pete heard and it fired him up. then he said,  yeah! how do you like it, he ain’t getting his first one againist me, no way!  pete rules. 

  6. No matter what if he uses his emotions on television, I will never root against one of the PBA’s greatest bowlers of all time.

    1. Pete Weber sure could hot-dog! But I do believe that I heard that young man say something about “Not going out quietly”! It was a great match, and, just think-It took this young up-and-comer to really keep Pete Weber on his toes! This young man came within a whisker of embarrassing one of the top Bowlers of all time!

  7. The greatest PBA match I had ever seen in the last 30 yrs…loosing with a 279….:(…and haven’t seen one since to this day.

  8. No question PDW has one of the finest swings in the game. But what needs to be said is that Mike Haugen is perhaps the best down and in player I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been around bowling for over 50 years). I’ve had the privilege to watch these two guys on the senior tour and they still throw the ball every bit as good. I watched MH average 265 for 5 games in match play at Mooresville, NC (and he lost 2 of those matches).
    What most impresses me about MH is his character. As you can see in this match, he applauds Pete from the bench after Pete throws the clincher in the tenth. Mike did not crack one bit under pressure after a full on assault from arguably the best bowler in the world. And this was his first title bid.
    After seeing him first hand on the senior tour, he is still a tough as nails competitor but also a first class professional who brings respectability to the game. Kudos, Mike!

  9. One of the things to like about Pete Weber is he’s a wild man who deserves all the respect in the world because he’s also a nice person when he’s off the lanes.

  10. With all the intensity Pete has, I think his nickname should be the Weber grill instead of PDW. he’s out there to cook his opponents and capture a title

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