21 Comments on “2001 Pete Weber vs Norm Duke Part 1”

  1. I suppose it coulda been but that would be really out of character. Now if Pete said it… lol

  2. Gosh, that is amazing, Pete’s ball hits so hard at 4:47 he rings the 10 and sends a messenger, unreal side rotation.

  3. @bownguyen316 yes they always have someone back there to make sure there are no pileups and the ball is back fast…they are on tv…time is money

  4. Pete with a big burp brewing at 4:00….puts it in his sleeve….then comments on it to someone behind him. lol greatness!!

  5. Pete Weber 2000: You know what? I’m gonna start wearing my sunglasses to prove something.

  6. Norm is 37 here…he doesnt look 37, he looks 47. He doesnt look bad…he just looks like NORM DUUUUKE

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