2003 ABC Masters

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2003 ABC Masters. The first match features Norm Duke versus Walter Ray Williams Jr. The second match features Jason Williams versus Walter Ray Williams Jr. The championship match features Bryan Smith versus Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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34 Comments on “2003 ABC Masters”

  1. Bryon Smith’s execution is awesome. He deserved to win this one and I hope he is still winning these days! Thanks for sharing this video.

    1. @Brandon Moucatel they’re plastic pins, most bowling pins are made of wood and they have an iconic sound effect, twister pins being plastic sound awful. The reason why they’re made is to cut costs on maintenance (more resilient, don’t need humidifiers like wood pins do). They also carry different to wooden pins, twister pins can slide more easily across the table vs wood pins. As a result, they’re not well liked.

  2. I still consider Belmo to be the GOAT but Walter Ray is, was, and always will be my favorite and my biggest inspiration because of the era in which I got serious about bowling.

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