20 Comments on “2003 Norm Duke vs Walter Ray Williams Jr. Part 1”

  1. @mizuno291 I just watched the Team USA qualifying games on Xtra Frame and he was lofting the gutter cap at some points. Usually on tv, he doesn’t have to move left just because it is on the fresh, but when the heads dry up he can move left.

  2. this duke is incredible, don’t how he’s ball strikes all the time compared to everyone else’s.

  3. i wasn’t watching this video for the bowling. i was watching this video to check up on the 2009 french open.

  4. TURN UP the audio…..it looks like WRW’s wife did something to straighten his hair and turn his beard gray

  5. Norms line to the pocket looks like it’s creating a way better entry angle and looks like it’s hitting harder also. Walter Ray’s ball has to do a lot more work to cover that big hook path and the ball kinda rolls out at the end and doesn’t finish strong.

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