2003 PBA Geico Earl Anthony Open Entire Telecast

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The date was January 5th, 2003. The finals of the 2003 PBA Geico Earl Anthony Open were contested inside the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington. The wild card match features Walter Ray Williams Jr, vs Mike Wolfe. The winner of that match faces Norm Duke in semi final # 2. Semi-final 1 match features Bob Learn Jr, and Mike Devaney!

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18 Comments on “2003 PBA Geico Earl Anthony Open Entire Telecast”

  1. What a telecast!! Don’t scroll down, spoilers below me sadly. Thanks again Mr Pogi for another great upload.

  2. sad that in 87 mccordic got 100k for his 300 and they still gave 100k for quite a few after, but  in 2003 they only got 10k.

    1. dettigs as 300 games began to proliferate because of advances in ball technology a lot of awards diminished or were deleted ie: 298 and 299 rings

    1. Andrew Phillips so what’s your point? After all these are professionals, 1996 Flagship City Open had no opens from any of the participants!

    1. Andrew Phillips
      Mark Roth and Earl Anthony have bowled some exciting matches
      George N. Pappas and Ernie Schlegel have bowled some awesome matches

  3. I don’t understand those of you screaming “spoiler.” Who, in their right mind, would scroll to the comments FIRST, before watching the telecast? It’s your own fault, guys.

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